Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you open?
A: We are open 365 days a year.   Generally we are open 9am-5pm.  In the summer on the weekends we are open later and sometimes earlier. If you are wanting to ride outside of these times please call the ranch many times we can accommodate other times.

Q: I've never ridden a horse; can you accommodate beginners?

A: Sure. Our guides are professional and safety is our first and foremost priority in everything we do. Your guides are readily available should you need assistance during the ride.

Q: Do you have helmets?

A: We have helmets for your use at no additional charge.

Q: What is your weight limit?

A: 300 lbs. is our maximum weight limit for the safety of the rider and welfare of the horses.

Q: What is your age limit?

A: We don't have an age limit.  Children can ride with parents or if able be lead lined by the guide.  It is up to staff and parents on deciding what is best for each child. 

Q: Do you ride English or Western?

A: Our horses are trained Western. If you feel you can "only ride English," let us show you something new!

Q: Can I ride if I am pregnant?

A: All medical related questions should be directed to your doctor.  You should also always you your best judgement and caution.

Q: How should I dress?

A: We suggest wearing closed toe shoes that have a ½-inch heel and are secure to your feet simply so they won't fall off during the ride. Avoid wearing boots over 4.5" across the ball of your foot; so that they fit safely in the stirrup and won't jam. We also suggest long comfortable pants and shirts with sleeves. Shorts and tennis shoes are not suggested even in the summer. Also, please do not bring anything loose or cumbersome with you such as backpacks or purses. Sorry, we do not provide lockers. Be sure all hats, visors, caps and clothing are snug and secure to you.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Although we are sure that your pet is wonderful, we do not accept pets of any kind at the ranch.

Q: Can I bring my own horse?

A: Sorry, we do not allow outside horses at our ranch.  We have over 100 horse for every experience level to make your ride with us memorable.

Q: Should we tip our Trail Guide?

A: Sure, especially if you enjoyed your ride! Your Trail Guide will gladly accept tips. Thank you!

Q: Where Can I find a copy of the Riding Release Form?
A: By clicking Here  you must use adobe to open the file